If the Earth needs the Sun for its light, then the heart should crave for light too, that is from the Quran.
Soon to be 18. Syaf.
"My Rabb, indeed I have wronged myself, so forgive me." [Surah Al-Qasas 28:16]
"Be the best of the best."
Hi and Assalamualaikum. Its already March of 2015. So, im sorry because dah mungkir janji nak post itu ini. Ahahahahaha. Well. Busy. Anyway, im still studying at College of health sciences, PPUM. So, im quite busy here. Almost everyweek and everyday I had quizzzzz or test. Its kinda errrr. Ahahahahaha. Can get insomnia maaaa. Im already in semester 2. I got anatomy & physiology, immunology, cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology and english of health science. The immunology and biochemistry are my favouriteeeee. Its quite tough for me that only get 3A in SPM. And sejujurnya, i had never work hard for studying before this. But for now, I have to. I need to work hard. To prove that i can be a person for my family. Im trying to get dekan for this sem. InsyaAllah. And im trying to not lalai in duniawi. Aamiin. Mudah mudahan. And lastly, i hope my coursemateass did well in this sem and next and also goodluck for my lil brother because he went to tahfiz. All the best. InsyaAllah. Mudah mudahan ilmu kita semua diberkati. Aamiin.
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